• Government Funds Hydrogen Cars

Government Funds Hydrogen Cars

Hydrogen Car Government Funding For Hydrogen Fuel Infrastructure

The UK government (Department For Transport) has announced plans to pump £23 million into the hydrogen car fuel sector. The money is allocated to improving and expanding the number of fuel stations that are available so that take up can be increased.

The DFT has indicated that the funding will be distributed between hydrogen fuel manufacturers. The DfT said the funding will “boost the creation of hydrogen fuel infrastructure and uptake of hydrogen-powered vehicles.”

At the time of writing there are only 13 hydrogen fuel stations, with most of these been research establishments. It's hardly surprising therefore that take up of hydrogen fuelled cars is low at the moment.

It is this lack of available fuel stations that has kept this part of the sector suppressed, with registrations of cars extremely low. Only two manufacturers make hydrogen vehicles (Hyundai and Toyota) with only a handful of registrations.